View of the Freight Centre Vienna South, which is in operation since 2016.

Vienna South Freight Centre

Moving freight traffic from road to rail: That’s what the new Vienna South Freight Centre is helping to achieve. Thanks to its good location, the intermodal terminal is an important handling point for European rail traffic.

Handling point for European rail traffic

Transporting millions of tonnes of freight by rail and saving the environment in the process: The Vienna South Freight Centre makes this possible. The new, multifunctional Vienna South Freight Centre was opened on the southern edge of Vienna in December 2016 and is considered to be the main railway station for freight services. Since then, containers from around the world have been transferred here between road and rail. Close to 210,000 loading units will be handled each year.

Your benefits

    • Moving freight traffic from road to rail
    • Strengthening Vienna as a location for business
    • Reducing the volume of lorries and trains in the Vienna urban area
    • Good connections to European business centres