Wettmannstätten– St. Andrä

Powerful and innovative: In the section between Wettmannstätten and St. Andrä lies the 33 kilometre-long Koralm Tunnel – the heart of the Koralm Railway. Both tunnel tubes meet the latest technical requirements and have an external diameter of around ten metres.

Sign of a tunnel excavator in the colours red, white and red.

Through the middle of the Koralpe

The construction of the tunnel is progressing rapidly: in 2020, the final breakthrough took place in the north tube of the Koralm tunnel - a historic milestone. On the Styrian side, technical equipment is already in full swing. As part of the comprehensive safety concept, an emergency stop was also installed in the middle of the tunnel. This is located 1,000 metres below the surface and enables rapid evacuation in the event of an emergency.

From Deutschlandsberg to Graz in 25 minutes

There are also things going on outside the mountain. The Western Styria Railway Station is being constructed near to the Styrian tunnel portal. It connects the region around Deutschlandsberg to the high-speed line: In future, it will be possible to get to Graz from here in only 25 minutes. A link to the Graz-Köflach Railway is also on the cards.