Trainstop Köttmannsdorf-Lambichl

Klagenfurt - Weizelsdorf

The electrification and adaptation of the Klagenfurt - Weizelsdorf Line is an essential contribution to CO2 reduction. In doing so, we are already creating an environmentally friendly infrastructure today and enabling our children and grandchildren to have a future worth living for tomorrow. Every year, CO2 emissions are saved for which 75 ha of forest were needed to absorb them. That is equivalent to around 100 football fields.

More safety and comfort

To ensure that trains between Klagenfurt and Weizelsdorf can run 100% on green traction current instead of diesel, the approximately 12 km long section of the line was modernised. In addition to the complete electrification of the line, this also meant the barrier-free conversion of the Maria Rain stop, the adaptation of further stops and the abandonment or technical securing of several railway crossings. In addition, the completely new Köttmannsdorf Lambichl stop was built.

Your benefits

    • New construction of the Köttmannsdorf-Lambichl stop
    • Barrier-free, modern stations
    • Park&Ride and Bike&Ride offers for an easy transfer to the train
    • Modern, environmentally friendly trains through electrification of the line
    • Greater comfort for train passengers
    • Environmentally friendly electric operation with 100% green traction current
    • Increased traffic safety due to the elimination of railway crossings