The Tauern Line

Together with the Brenner Corridor, the Tauern Line from Salzburg to Villach is the most important transalpine connection in Austria and thus a primary corridor of the Alp crossing. At the heart of this line is the approximately 81 kilometre-long Tauern railway from Schwarzach-St. Veit to Spittal/Drau.

Construction work on the Tauern Line

Modernisation of the Tauern Tunnel

The Tauern Tunnel was put into operation in 1909. It received its last update in 2004, which focused on tunnel safety and track construction work. Around 20 years later, the tunnel needs to be modernized and made fit for the coming decades.

Total closure of the Tauern Tunnel 2024/2025: From 18.11.2024 - 04.07.2025

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Current construction projects on the Tauern Line