The Tauern Line

Together with the Brenner Corridor, the Tauern Line from Salzburg to Villach is the most important transalpine connection in Austria and thus a primary corridor of the Alp crossing. At the heart of this line is the approximately 81 kilometre-long Tauern railway from Schwarzach-St. Veit to Spittal/Drau.

Construction work on the Tauern Line

More capacity

In order to increase speeds from 70 km/h to 100-110 km/h and route capacity above all for cargo traffic, a far-reaching upgrade of the previously single-tracked line to two tracks was required. Thanks to massive investments since 1970, a good portion of the route has been upgraded to two tracks.

Station and incoming train at Salzburg Hauptbahnhof.

Salzburg Main Station

The new station Bad Vigaun will be barrierfree, safe and modern

Bad Vigaun Railway Station