Terminal Wörgl

ROLA operation in Rail Freight Centre Wörgl on the A12 to Germany, Italy and for Alpine transit.

Terminal Service Austria
Gewerbepark 2a
6300 Wörgl

View of terminal Wörgl

ROLA Terminal Wörgl

Name Wörgl
Station code 81 01980-2
Opening hours ROLA Sun 9 am – Sat 6 pm
Operator ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, FN 71396 w, VAT ID ATU 16210507
Total area 40,000 m²
Loading platforms 3 x 500 m (ROLA)
Maximum train length 500 m
Truck parking bays (ROLA) 70
Transport modes rail – road
Road access option A12, B170, B171, B178
Nearby motorways A12, exit Wörgl West
ROLA main destinations
Hub function
Italy, Germany, Alpine transit
Additional services
(by agreement)
Miscellaneous Details on prices, departure times and bookings for ROLA