ETCS expansion

Currently, around 300 kilometres of ETCS Level 2 are in operation. In three implementation phases we are expanding our ETCS network to 3,700 kilometres of ETCS Level 2. Here you will find an overview of our plans and the resulting equipment requirements for your vehicle fleet. A date for the dismantling of the existing train control system PZB has not yet been defined, but is targeted for 2030.

ETCS balise

ETCS in three steps – expansion planning up to 2026, 2030 and 2038

The next implementation step for ETCS migration is planned by 2026. It mainly concentrates on upgrading the existing system with ETCS Level 2 in the vicinity of ÖBB's new construction and expansion projects that will go into operation or are about to go into operation by 2026, such as the Koralm Line, the Pottendorfer Line or the 4-track expansion of the Westbahn (Western Line) between Linz and Wels. These new and upgraded projects will be equipped with ETCS as soon as they are commissioned. The eastern region (Greater Vienna) is another priority in this first phase.
The second phase until 2030 provides for the completion of the TEN-T corridors and the final phase until 2038 completes the ETCS equipment on the heavily used rail network.
The first ETCS projects will be installed taking into account the existing rolling stock equipment, some of which still operates with SRS Baseline 2.3.0d. From 2025, however, only vehicles with SRS Baseline 3.X will be able to operate on ÖBB's network.
For more information, please refer to the SNNB chapter signalling systems.

Co-funded by the European Union

Current expansion plan until 2026

By 2026, the above priorities for ETCS equipment will be implemented. The following main lines/sections will be implemented with ETCS:

  •     Pottendorf Line
  •     NBS Koralm Line
  •     Klagenfurt–Tarvisio
  •     Bruck/Mur–Spielfeld-Straß
  •     Linz–Attnang-Puchheim

Equipment is also planned for the Vienna S-Bahn and the Vienna Central Station to increase the capacity of these lines.

Map of lines with ETCS until 2026

Preview expansion plan until 2030

Map of lines with ETCS until 2030

Preview expansion plan until 2038

Map of lines with ETCS until 2038