Step 2 – Safety Certification

The BMK is the point of contact for certified safety management and for interoperability.

To enable a safety certificate to be issued, the RU must prove that it has introduced a certified safety management system and that it can fulfil the requirements set out in the technical specifications for interoperability (TSI) and other relevant legal requirements and thus has the ability to control risks and guarantee safe traffic operations on the network.

In accordance with EU guidelines, safety certificates consist of two parts:
  • Section A – a general section
  • Section B – a specific section (authorisation of access to the rail network for a specific infrastructure manager)

Thus, to obtain access to the ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG rail network, RUs with their head office outside Austria require only section B of the safety certificate, in addition to a safety certificate issued in their home country.


Mag. Regina Roithner
BMK, Sektion IV/E 3
Oberste Eisenbahnbehörde Genehmigung Betrieb und Verkehr (Rail Safety Authority, Operations and Transport Licensing)
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BMK – Safety certification (German)