Don't take a shortcut across the tracks.

Even if everything has gone well so far: The next time can be the last time. This is especially true when crossing railroad tracks that are not designed for that purpose. A "practical" shortcut across a railroad track or a "dare" can end in serious injury and, in the worst case, even death. Keep in mind that trains do not behave like cars. They travel much faster, cannot swerve, and have a very, very long stopping distance due to their weight.

Our safety advice:

  • Never cross railroad tracks, either as a shortcut or as a "dare"!
  • Use only marked places to cross railroad tracks.
  • Overpasses and underpasses will get you safely to the platform or home!
  • Never walk on the railroad tracks or directly along the railroad tracks!

Our safety campaign

The safety campaign of ÖBB-Infrastruktur tries to show especially children and young people that careless behavior near trains and stations can be life-threatening.

You can download our safety notice "Don't take shortcuts across the tracks" as a poster here: