Shaping a liveable environment

Committed to the environment: Low land consumption, clean railway stations with environmentally friendly cleaning, waste management and noise protection, investments in electromobility. People and the environment are our top priority.

Freight train on track, view of the motorway bridge Brenner in the background.

Minimising space requirements

The railways use only a third to a sixth of the surface area required by road transport for equivalent transport capacity. While a width of 14 metres maximum is required for a double-track, electrified, high-capacity rail route, a motorway with the same capacity needs three lanes in each direction, and a width of about 37 metres. The space requirement for railway tracks in Austria is only 0.13 per cent of the national territory (107 km²), while its roads take up more than 2,600 km² - an area the size of Vorarlberg under asphalt. But the railways are much more than just tracks. Railway areas offer valuable habitats and refuge for numerous rare and endangered animal and plant species.

Our seven environmental guidelines

    • We ensure sustainable energy supply and climate protection
    • We connect people and nature for generations
    • We preserve biological diversity
    • We use resources in a responsible way
    • We reduce emissions in all areas
    • We practice sustainable waste management in terms of circular economy
    • We safely store, handle and transport hazardous substances