Green Terminals

The Wolfurt and Wien Süd Terminals demonstrate commitment to climate protection not only in their core business, the environmentally friendly transfer of goods between road and rail. They also have a heart for animals and environmental protection.


Whether fish, lizards or storks; all animals are in good hands at the Wolfurt terminal in Vorarlberg. A pair of storks has been nesting on a mast for years and returns every breeding season to raise their nestlings here. In addition, a specially constructed reptile habitat of around 300 square metres provides a habitat for protected sand lizards. There are also lots of hares and foxes living in and around the Wolfurt freight centre.

Light pole

Innovative lighting technology

The innovative floodlights at the Wolfurt terminal use a special wavelength of light so that they do not attract insects. At the Wien Süd terminal, the height of the lighting masts is adjusted to reduce the light impact on the surroundings.

100 percent green electricity

As a true Green Terminal, Wolfurt also demonstrates its environmental commitment with a green roof and CO₂-controlled ventilation with heat recovery. Both freight centres have geothermal energy, a PV system, soundproof walls and noise-avoiding crane technology. The Wolfurt terminal is certified as a European Green Building. This confirms the sustainable increase in efficiency with regard to the use of energy for the service and workshop building as well as for the in-gate building. The operation of both terminals naturally runs on 100 percent green electricity.

More about 100 per cent green electricity
View of the water reservoir Tauernmoos

With the power of the sun

We trust in the power of the sun. There is a huge rooftop photovoltaic system on the hall roof of the Wien Süd freight centre. It extends over almost 10,000 m² and has nearly 4,500 photovoltaic modules. The solar power is fed directly from the roof of the freight centre into the overhead line of the Pottendorfer Line. This amount of electricity is equivalent to 440 train journeys from Vienna to Salzburg. In addition, we use the roofs of the container repair hall at the St. Michael terminal and the Wolfurt terminal building to generate green energy.

Solar energy
Stream with terminal in the background
Children plant trees

Even more green spaces

Another special feature at the Wolfurt terminal is the "Landgraben" stream. It is channelled through a canal under the terminal. To enable fish to use it, fish ladders and a light shaft have been installed at the bottom. At the Wien Süd terminal, ecological compensation areas were created during construction and landscaped in several planting campaigns with schools and kindergartens.

Portrait photo Nicole Gunz

Green jobs with meaning

As one of the largest climate protection companies in Austria, we offer a wide range of meaningful green jobs - including at the terminals: In her green job as a container checker at the Terminal Wolfurt in Vorarlberg, Nicole Gunz makes sure, for example, that resources are used carefully and saved in any repairs to the containers. She also uses her bicycle to get from A to B at the terminal quickly and in an environmentally friendly way.