Operating licence <br/>Safety certification<br/>Infrastructure capacity agreement<br/>Rail vehicles authorisation & registration<br/>Personnel licensing

Easy access to the rail network – in five steps

First-time access to the ÖBB network and to EU rail infrastructure involves a number of steps. We have prepared a summary overview of the most important steps as a guide.

Network access made easy

In Austria, railway undertakings (RUs)

  • headquartered in Austria and
  • railway undertakings headquartered in the EU or Switzerland

can apply for access to the Austrian rail network, with some restrictions. The conditions for access are specified in greater detail in paragraph 57 of the Railway Act.

 Some of the steps described below may, in some cases, be performed in parallel in order to save time. For example, applications to the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) for vehicle licensing can be submitted in parallel to network compatibility testing performed by ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG.