Clock at the station platform

Punctuality is fundamental for us

It is also fundamental for our passengers, as surveys have shown us. There are many factors at work behind punctual operation. A whole bundle of measures has contributed to keeping punctuality at an internationally very high level in the last few years.

A bundle of measures

  • Improvement of the existing network, in particular the elimination of lines subject to speed restrictions
  • Good planning of travel, connection, stopping and turning times
  • Expansion of central operational management improves production control and communication to passengers
  • Optimisation of the maintenance programme and well-maintained infrastructure facilities
  • Systems for malfunction diagnosis, which reduce operational malfunctions
  • Optimisation of the incident management with multi-functional, mobile service teams

High punctuality

    • Long-distance passenger traffic: 81,0
    • Local passenger traffic: 95,6
    • Overall passenger traffic: 94,9
    • Freight haulage: 72,2
  • Punctuality all railway undertakings 2023 from the viewpoint of the infrastructure operator in per cent.
    Threshold values: passenger traffic 5 minutes, freight haulage 30 minutes