Webcams Semmering base tunnel

Watch our construction site from your own computer or mobile. With our webcams at the Semmering base tunnel construction site, you won’t miss a thing.

ÖBB-Map Semmering base tunnel webcams

  • Semmering webcams for reading

    Semmering webcams

    Webcam Viewing direction
    Gloggnitz 01 View towards north west
    Gloggnitz 02 View towards west
    Gloggnitz 03 View towards east
    Göstritz 01 View towards north east
    Fröschnitzgraben 01 View towards east
    Fröschnitzgraben 02 View towards north west
    Longsgraben 01 View towards north east
    Longsgraben 02 View towards west
    Grautschenhof 01 View towards west
    Mürzzuschlag 01 View towards east
    Mürzzuschlag 02 View towards west