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European freight corridors

Increasing competitiveness and quality in the international rail freight transport sector. There are currently nine Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) within the EU. They were developed on the basis of the EU Regulation 913/2010 to create a European rail network for competitive freight traffic.

Corridor One Stop Shop (C-OSS)

Close cooperation between European infrastructure managers is essential for effective freight transport. Cooperation within the rail corridors facilitates harmonised technical, operational and organisational regulations. A Corridor One Stop Shop (C-OSS) has been put in place for each corridor as a single reference point for railway companies. It offers access for railway undertakings – and for applicants who are not railway undertakings – to the Path Coordination System (PCS), where they can order international train paths on the corridors.

Map of corridor network

Three freight corridors in Austria

Three freight corridors run through Austria; most of Austria’s major business centres and all of its important transit routes are part of this network. ÖBB-Infrastruktur is playing an active role in the implementation of the EU Regulation by contributing to the further development of the corridors running through Austria.
More information on the Corridor One Stop Shops, as well as practical information on the rules that apply to these freight corridors, is available on the corridors’ dedicated websites.

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Corridor 3: Scandinavian-Mediterranean (RFC 3)

Stockholm/Oslo–Copenhagen–Hamburg–Innsbruck–Verona // Rome/Ancona–Bari // Palermo // Augusta

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Corridor 5: Baltic-Adriatic Corridor (RFC 5)

Szczecin // Gdansk/Katowice–Ostrava / Zilina–Bratislava/Vienna // Klagenfurt–Udine–Venice/Trieste/ Bologna/Ravenna // Graz–Maribor–Ljubljana–Koper/Trieste

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Corridor 7: Orient/East-Med (RFC 7)

Prague–Vienna/Bratislava–Budapest // Bucharest–Constanta // Vidin–Sofia–Thessaloniki–Athens

Alpine-Western Balkan rail freight corridor

Korridor 10 – Alpine–Western Balkan Korridor (RFC 10)
Expected extension in 2020

Salzburg–Villach–Ljubljana // Wels/Linz–Graz–Maribor–Zagreb–Vinkovci/Vukovar–Tovarnik–Beograd– Sofia–Svilengrad

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Path Coordination System
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