View of the water reservoir Tauernmoos

Power supply from renewable sources

We operate a complex infrastructure to ensure the fail-safe supply of traction current. In order for this to function reliably and to continue satisfying the requirements for environmentally friendly mobility in the future, we invest in the maintenance and modernisation of our equipment.

Power stations and frequency converters

To supply trains with electricity, we generate traction current (16.7 Hz) in eight of our own power stations. Further sources include partner power stations and alternating current (50 Hz) from the public grid, which is transformed into traction current by seven frequency converters. We also generate our own alternating current in two power stations.

Traction current projects

View of a transformer substation.
View of a traction current line

Traction current cables

The 110 kV traction current cable network of ÖBB-Infrastruktur is over 2,000 km long and is operated at a frequency of 16.7 Hertz.

Brochure traction current cables (3 MB, German)

Monitoring stations Control centres

The supply of traction current is controlled, regulated and monitored at the central monitoring station in Innsbruck. From here, the deployment of the power station and transformer machinery is centrally controlled according to the load situation in the rail network and optimised via online optimisation programmes.
Operational management of the energy supply networks for 15 kV traction current and the 50 Hz power supply is ensured at two energy monitoring stations.

Work place at the control centre.