Train stopping at St. Stefan im Lavanttal station

Lavant Valley Railway

The Lavant Valley Railway has been reshaped: from Wolfsberg station all the way to the new St. Paul im Lavanttal station. Travellers can reach the Klagenfurt and Graz areas quickly and in a climate-friendly way. And the positive contribution to environmental protection comes as a bonus.

Accessible, safe and fit for the future

The Lavant Valley Railway acts as an important feeder line to the Koralm Railway. The modernisation and electrification of the line was necessary for access to the attractive, high-quality rail network of the Koralm Railway. For this purpose, stops and stations on the regional railway line have been gradually modernised and made accessible since 2008.

Your benefits

    • Shorter journey times, synchronised connections
    • Barrier-free, modern stations
    • Greater comfort for train passengers
    • Better regional accessibility
    • Comfortable and climate-friendly mobility
    • Greater road safety at crossings
Enhancing the Lavanttalbahn. The image shows the route of the Lavanttalbahn as well as small images of the following stations and sections: 1 Wolfsberg station, 2 Wolfsberg Reding stop, 3 St. Stefan im Lavanttal station, 4 Sankt Andrä im Lavanttal station, 5 Electrification of the line between Sankt Andrä station and St. Paul im Lavanttal station.

With the commissioning of the Koralm Railway in Carinthia at the end of 2023, the regional line will also achieve "green" status - all trains will run on 100 percent green traction current. The measures within the framework of the Koralm Railway project are financed by funds from ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG and the provinces of Carinthia and Styria. The Koralm Railway is also co-financed by the European Union.