Rhine Valley Concept

By 2020, railway stations and stops in Vorarlberg will be modernised within the scope of the Rhine Valley Concept. Customers will benefit from accessible, safe and customer-friendly mobility hubs.

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More than 46,000 people use local trains in Vorarlberg every day. Winning over even more people to the railways needs an attractive offering. As part of the Rhine Valley Concept, ÖBB-Infrastruktur has modernised nine railway stations and stops between Bregenz and Feldkirch since 2004. That is delivering comfort and service for passengers and local residents as well as faster connections.

Accessible platforms and optimum information

Modern buildings, light underpasses and covered platforms create a pleasant ambience. The uniform height of the platforms enables barrier-free boarding of trains. Larger railways stations and stops are also equipped with lifts and waiting rooms. Loudspeaker systems and information points provide the best-possible standard of information.

Your benefits

    • Easier boarding of trains
    • Pleasant waiting areas
    • Optimal links to bicycle, bus and car
    • Convenient access to the train
    • Real-time information on the timetable
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