Customer information

For us the future has already started. On our various channels, we provide fast, uniform and digital information concerning operation procedures at our railway stations.

Employee of the customer information department in conversation with customers

On the pulse of the times

Announcements, monitors, but also information displays and personal information or the provision of data for apps are at the top of our wide range of services for passenger information. We offer a comprehensive overview of the current train traffic. With dynamic information systems, we provide an automated information chain. The basis is the linking of timetables with current schedule deviations. The real-time information generated thus reliably informs you. With the current arrival and departure data, you can find your way in your mobility chain easily, stress-free and more and more barrier-free.

Automated customer information

Our information system AURIS uses data from several systems and offers customers acoustic and visual information via announcements or monitors. The automatic data acquisition of train movement messages and route settings enables the on-time preparation, transmission and presentation on different media. Thus, we are able to provide information via loudspeaker announcements, departure and arrival monitors or platform displays.

Customers in a passage at Vienna Central Station
View on a monitor with timetable data

Departure alert and a whole lot more

On our digital displays the "departure alert" flashes green five minutes before departure and then yellow for the last two minutes. When the train is ready, a white circle appears next to the train in question. In addition to the departure time, you will find current delay forecasts, which are constantly updated. The logo of the respective railway undertaking primarily serves as an orientation when buying tickets. In addition to the train type, train number or line, the destination and stops in Austria, as well as any further notices are displayed. The platform and the sector, in which the train or the relevant part of the train stops, is located on the right. Special information is available via the yellow info line. Yellow is also our signal colour for values deviating from the timetable.

Our voice

So that everything works via loudspeakers, we have one voice: Chris Lohner – digitised. Our text-to-speech system converts continuous text into acoustic speech. Written text is broken down into its phonetic components and assembled into a digital audio file. Words are edited into an integrated dictionary and thus adapted to a uniform pronunciation throughout Austria. The information system also offers our operational staff a flexible way to quickly communicate any deviations from normal operations.

Dispatcher at work in front of monitors
Employee at St. Pölten station explains how the wagon level indicator works

Wagon order and notices

For long-distance trains, there are wagon order indicators with information on train composition and equipment - partly electronic, partly on displays. This makes it easier to get on board quickly. If you have a reservation, you can check the wagon order indicators and find out precisely in which sector and where exactly your wagon will be stopping. A pleasant side effect is that this also supports punctuality. We provide an overview of the entire timetable period on route, departure and arrival schedules. Our display cases and information zones also contain information on construction sites, house rules, passenger rights and safety information.

Personal and digital

Of course we are also personally available for passengers at larger stations. Information can be obtained at the InfoPoint or from our customer information staff at the station.
In the liberalised European rail traffic, we are very committed to our duty informing neighbouring railway infrastructure managers, railway undertakings, but also private institutions about traffic situations such as delays, cancellations, construction sites, detours, replacement services, track changes or the accessibility of connecting trains at our stations. They use this information to provide their own train information, for online and mobile applications, brochures, radio, teletext and other channels.
We wish you a pleasant journey!

Customer information employee in front of a timetable display case