Proximity to overhead power lines of trains is dangerous.

The biggest risk is invisible: electricity. Refrain from climbing adventures on our trains, feats on track bridges, and "daredevils." As a general rule, stay away from traction power lines. The power lines that make our trains run carry 15,000 volts . If you get too close to the power line, you put your life at risk. That's because electricity, in the form of an arc, can be life-threatening even over a distance of several meters.

Our safety tips:

  • Keep a safe distance from traction power lines!
  • Never climb onto train cars: The train station is not a playground!
  • Never fly a kite near power lines!
  • Don't do any "dares" or "tricks" on bridges above the tracks!

Our safety campaign

The safety campaign of ÖBB-Infrastruktur tries to show especially children and young people that careless behavior near trains and stations can be life-threatening.

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Nino Laitinen, 18 Jahre alt und lebt in Wien

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Nino mit seiner Ärztin Frau Dr. König

Our safety notice "Attention! Traction current!" as a poster for download here: