Train passing at the Brenner axis between Kufstein and Schaftenau

Upgrade Kufstein–Schaftenau

The planning of the new Lower Inn Valley railway on the border with Germany is a project with an international dimension. The continuation of the new Lower Inn Valley railway on German territory is being planned in conjunction with Deutsche Bahn together with the involvement of the local population. The basis for this is the 2012 Treaty of Rosenheim.

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Fast, environmentally friendly and safely through the Tyrol by train: This will also be made possible by the upgrade of the Lower Inn Valley railway between Schaftenau and Kundl. The planned new line will meet the highest standards of quality. The approach to the Brenner Base Tunnel fulfils all future requirements of a modern high-speed railway line, thanks to the generous rail capacity on offer.

Connection to the Brenner Base Tunnel

The first section of the new Lower Inn Valley railway between Kundl and Baumkirchen was opened in 2012. With its plans for a further upgrade towards Kufstein, ÖBB-Infrastruktur is improving the offer of regional and long-distance services for customers in the long term. And the Brenner Base Tunnel can ideally deploy its effectiveness in this regard. The Scandinavia-Mediterranean Corridor forms the most important north-south connection in Europe.

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    • Modern routing for the railway of tomorrow
    • Inclusion of the general public in the planning process
    • Consideration of the highest environmental standards
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