View of a train on the Pyhrn Line and of construction work during normal operation

Upgrade Hinterstoder– Pießling-Vorderstoder

The next section on the Pyhrn line will be double tracked. A denser train service and slightly shorter journey times - this is what passengers can look forward to. At the moment the plans for the environmental impact assessment are underway.

Gradually the capacity on the Pyhrn Line is being expanded. The doubling of the tracks between the stations Hinterstoder and Pießling-Vorderstoder will provide more space for passenger and freight trains and therefore a better train service. The partial straightening of the track will also save about 2 minutes travelling time. Trains can run at up to 160 km/h instead of the previous 100 km/h on the section of line after the conversion. This will contribute to the long-term goal of being able to complete a Linz–Selzthal Line in 1 hour and 15 minutes - about 15 minutes faster than before.