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Traction Current

Our “railpower” product line encompasses traction current with a nominal frequency of 16.7 Hertz for supplying power to your electric locomotives and railcars.

Full traction day and night

ÖBB-Infrastruktur supplies railway companies operating in or through Austria with 16.7 Hz traction current. With 100 percent Austrian renewable energy, we are one of the most environmentally friendly railway infrastructure operators in Europe and provide power for

  • electric locomotives and railcars,
  • air-conditioning of your trains via train preheating systems and
  • heating of your switches.

Our railpower product line

Power supply for the railway of the future. With railpower, we offer a range of innovative products on the market.

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Classic traction current

With our standard product, we supply all railway companies in Austria with clean energy.

  • 100% Austrian renewable energy
  • CO2 emissions produced amount to 0 g/kWh
  • No compensation of upstream CO2 emissions
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CO2 free mobility

In terms of sustainability, railpower zero electricity is steering railway transport in Austria towards the future.

  • 100% Austrian renewable energy
  • CO2 emissions produced amount to 0 g/kWh
  • Compensation of upstream CO2 emissions through reforestation projects in Austria and Costa Rica
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Green energy for selected transports in Europe’s rail corridors

We make a clear commitment to environmentally friendly, cross-border rail transport.

  • 100% domestic hydropower
  • Collaboration with infrastructure managers in Europe
  • No compensation of upstream CO2 emissions

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The leading energy metering system

The total solution for recording energy data in international rail transport.

  • Records the energy consumption per train and country
  • Exact and fully automatic - 24/7 data availability
  • Basis for energy and cost-saving measures
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Everything at a glance with a single click

The railpower client is the innovative web application that visualises the recorded data from the railpower box, making them quick and transparent to understand.

  • Web application for PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Visualisation and settlement system for the railway of the future
  • Available around the clock and around the world
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50 Hz three-phase current
from 100% hydropower