Hydroelectric power

Rail is key to achieving European climate and environment targets. In the long term, we will expand our own production with electricity generated from renewable sources of energy. At present we operate eight hydroelectric power plants and are currently investing in the modernisation of our plants.

Clean power from hydroelectric power

(Video in German)
Our skill is climate protection. With an average of 90 per cent hydroelectric power in the rail power supply mix we, ÖBB-Infrastruktur, are one of the most environmentally-friendly infrastructure operators in Europe. We operate a complex infrastructure for a reliable and fail-safe traction power supply. We produce a third of Austria’s traction supply demand in our eight hydroelectric power plants.

  • Translation transcript of video for reading

    From hydroelectric power to tractive power
    Film footage, speaker in the background

    Snow-covered mountain ranges are shown.
    A reservoir and a dam wall are seen.
    Pressure pipes lead the water into a power station building in the valley. A turbine is turning.
    A train is shown running at full speed.

    Narrator: What energy source makes it possible for trains to run?
    It is a typical Austrian energy source, water power.

    Mountains and Lake Spuller are shown.

    Narrator: From a topographical point of view, the form of generating electricity from water is ideal in the Alpine country. It has a long tradition, the ÖBB has been relying on the clean and environmentally friendly generation of energy, from hydroelectric power, for almost 100 years.

    Transformer stations and substations are shown.

    Speaker: Approximately one third of the "electricity demand of the railways" required in Austria is generated and distributed in our eight hydroelectric power plants in Austria. In order to cover the entire Austrian demand for traction current, we also need electricity from the public grid. This is converted into 16.7 Hertz of traction current in our five conversion plants. We are working on various projects to make additional use of hydroelectric power in Austria. We are also developing ways to use our hydroelectric energy even more efficiently. Inventions such as the regenerative brake support the environmental friendliness of the railway as a means of transport.

    The railway is fascinating, then as now. It connects places and people. Our contribution gives it the independence we need for future-oriented mobility. Environmentally friendly, economical and modern with the power of water.

    Finally, a reservoir is shown.