Note the safety lines and the announcements on the platform.

Always keep an eye on the lines - so you can move safely on the platform. platform. The yellow safety lines mark the area where you are protected from passing trains and crowds on the platform. from passing trains and crowds on the platform. Keep an eye on the lines and wait for your train in the safe zone. for your train. Then there will be no danger of falling over the edge of the platform and fall onto the tracks.

Our safety tips:

  • Always wait behind the safety line!
  • You may only cross the yellow safety line when the train stops and is ready for you to board and disembark!
  • Also pay attention to the loudspeaker announcement "Attention! Train coming through!" and keep the necessary distance from the track!

Our safety campaign

The safety campaign of ÖBB-Infrastruktur tries to show above all children and young people that careless behavior in the vicinity of trains and stations can be life-threatening.

You can download our safety advice "Safe on the platform" as a poster here: