Electricity for the railway

Power stations, frequency converters, control centres, traction current lines and substations. The energy grid of the ÖBB infrastructure is extensive.

View of a water reservoir within the mountains

Power stations for electricity generation

We generate traction current in eight of our own hydropower plants to supply trains with electricity. In addition, three-phase current is generated from hydropower, mainly for our own needs. In the coming years, we will invest in the modernisation of these power plants.


View of a transformer substation.

Frequency converters for conversion

50 Hz electricity is drawn from the public grid and converted into 16.7 Hz traction current in seven frequency converters.

The Kledering frequency converter with three rotating converter sets and a total output of 3 x 30 MW is of central importance for the traction current network of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG. It serves to supply the Vienna metropolitan area and was commissioned in 1988-1990. The converter was reconstructed to two low-loss static converter units with 2 x 45 MW, leading to a significant increase in efficiency in the traction power supply.

Since 2020, the Vienna Auhof frequency converter also has a photovoltaic system on the roof of the building with a collector area of over 450 m².


Work place at the control centre.

Control centres for monitoring and control

The control, regulation and monitoring of the traction current supply, the power plants and the 55/110 kV traction power grid is carried out in the central control station located in Innsbruck. From there, the machine deployment of the power plants and frequency converters is centrally controlled according to the load situation in the railway grid and optimised by means of special software. The 15 kV traction current network is managed in two energy control centres.

View of a traction current line

Traction power lines for distribution

The 55/110 kV traction power grid of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG is over 2,000 kilometres long and is operated at a frequency of 16.7 Hz. The power grid distributes electricity from the power stations and frequency converters to the substations.

Folder traction power lines (3 MB, German)

Substations for supplying the railway

More than 60 substations transform the voltage from 55 or 110 kV of the traction current lines to 15 kV for the catenary to supply the railway.