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In this section, you’ll find sample contracts, documents and information on legal topics. You can now access our regulations directly via the regulations online shop.

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Infrastructure capacity agreement for railway undertakings

The Infrastructure Capacity Agreement is a prerequisite for access to ÖBB rail infrastructure and for use of services and service facilities. The Train Path Agreement is also part of the Infrastructure Capacity Agreement.

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Framework agreements for allocation of rail infrastructure capacity

Rail infrastructure capacity can be allocated to authorised parties for periods longer than the working timetable period by means of a rail infrastructure framework agreement.

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Rail infrastructure capacity agreement for non-railway undertakings

The conclusion of an agreement on allocation of rail infrastructure capacity is a prerequisite for allocation of train paths to parties that are authorised for rail infrastructure capacity but that are not railway undertakings and therefore do not have a direct right to access to rail infrastructure.

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Regulations for railway undertakings and other authorised parties (German)

Our regulations serve as the basis for the exercise of network access rights and are available to railway undertakings and authorised companies free of charge. Most of the regulations can be obtained from our online shop.

Rail tracks and power lines

Traction current usage agreements/transmission

Railway undertakings are free to choose their traction current suppliers on the ÖBB-Infrastruktur rail network. We offer open transmission of electricity on our power lines.

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Rail freight centres and terminals, information and documents

Contracts and useful documents, pricing and terms and conditions for our Rola and UCT terminals.

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Contract connecting railway (German)

Contracts, GTC and Information on connecting railways.

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Federal Ministry Republic Austria Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology

Federal Ministry for Climate Action,  Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology