About the project

New 130 kilometre-long line with 50 kilometres in tunnels, over 100 bridges and 23 modern railway stations and stops: Find out what is currently happening at the construction sites.

Tunnel work at the Koralm.

The Koralm Railway

It’s centrepiece - the Koralm Tunnel - is the sixth-longest railway tunnel in the world. The economic locomotive is also getting going with the construction of the high-speed line. The investments are creating many new jobs – both in construction and in the operation of the Koralm Railway.

The Koralm Railway is under construction or already completed. Trains are therefore already running on some sections, while work on others is proceeding at high speed on bridges, tunnels, open stretches of line and railway stations.

In the construction areas, you’ll learn more about the individual sections of the Koralm railway and their features - such as the Koralm Tunnel, the new bridge over the Drau river or the many new or modernised railway stations.

Facts & Figures

  • Line

    Graz (Styria)–Klagenfurt (Carinthia)

  • Line length

    130 kilometres

  • Tunnel

    50 kilometres of tunnel (of which 33 kilometres in the Koralm Tunnel)

  • Bridges

    Over 100 bridges and underpasses

  • Railway Stations

    23 railway stations and stops (of which 12 along the new section of line)

  • Milestones
    • 1998: Start of construction of the Koralm Railway
    • 2007: Commissioning of first sections
    • 2008: Start of construction of the Koralm Tunnel
    • 2014: Completion of the Drau river crossing
    • 2015: Start of construction of the Granitztal tunnel chain
    • 2017: Start of construction of the Western Styria Railway Station
    • 2018: Breakthrough Koralm Tunnel
    • 2019: Start of construction of the last section Graz–Weitendorf
    • 2020: Final Koralm tunnel breakthrough
    • 2023: Commissioning of the Koralm Railway in Carinthia