Train data reporting

The electronic transmission of train and wagon data enables a continuous information processing during and after train preparation. ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG provides the Zugdateneinmeldung application and an interface for transmitting the required data.


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Electronic recording of train data

The transmission of data is an essential part of train preparation. From 1 April 2024, the electronic transmission of the train and wagon data is mandatory for all RUs in freight transport in accordance to the Network Statement. From this date, all required train and wagon data must be transmitted electronically to ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. If the wagon data is not submitted on time, this may delay the departure of the train. The RU is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the data.

How you benefit

    • Overview of the current status of train compositions for all authorised persons
    • Direct electronic input and transmission
    • Uniform standard and improved data quality
    • Practical functions such as 180-day storage of vehicles or trains

Application for train data reporting

The Zugdateneinmeldung application is used for the electronic transmission of train and wagon data. This includes information of wagons/loads including dangerous goods (RID), traction units and route handling.

Interface for train data reporting

From January 2024, an electronic interface for transmitting train and wagon data will also be available. This means, it will also be possible to connect an existing customer system for transmitting the necessary data.

Registration and user administration for the Zugdateneinmeldung application

User administration and authorisation assignment for the PORTHOSZDE IT tool (guideline german) is carried out by M-AMA administrators of the RUs in the M-AMA online ordering system.

Documents for the train data reporting

Documents for the train data reporting
Caption File type File size Modification date
2024 02 28 Authentication via Client ID – instructions for developers.pdf PDF 303,1 KB 18.03.2024 11:15
2024 02 28 Authentifizierung über Client ID - Anleitung für Entwickler.pdf PDF 307,9 KB 18.03.2024 11:15
Handbuch ZDE Portal.pdf PDF 1,3 MB 30.11.2023 08:09
Leitfaden Zugang zur Zugdateneinmeldung.pdf PDF 657,6 KB 30.11.2023 08:09
Leitwege.xlsx Excel 78,8 KB 19.12.2023 12:08 ZIP archive 26 KB 19.12.2023 14:04 ZIP archive 32,7 KB 22.11.2023 12:02
Train Data Reporting Interface RU-Documentation.pdf PDF 822,8 KB 18.03.2024 11:18
Zugdateneinmeldung (ZDE) Schnittstelle EVU-Dokumentation.pdf PDF 861,9 KB 18.03.2024 11:17

System failure, malfunction, changes to transmitted consignment data

In the event of a system failure or malfunction of the interface on the part of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, the train and wagon data is transmitted by e-mail.

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