Since the end of 2014, visitors to Stein on the banks of the Drau river have been able to marvel at a mighty bridge. At around 600 metres, it is the longest railway bridge in Carinthia. It also forms one of the engineering highlights on the Koralm Railway between Aich and Althofen/Drau.

Aerial photo of the new Drau bridge.

Through Lower Carinthia by train

The route for this line was developed by ÖBB-Infrastruktur together with local residents and the region. The municipality of Bleiburg and the market town of Feistritz ob Bleiburg are integrated into the high-speed line via the existing “Bleiburg Loop”. Kühnsdorf-Klopeinersee Railway Station is being built in a new location, which will also benefit tourism in the region. Thanks to the Koralm Railway, Lower Carinthia now also has access to the new Southern Line.

The final phase of construction work

The shell for the entire section is already about to be completed. In the Kühnsdorf area, the substructure work was already completed in 2013 and construction started in St. Kanzian in 2015: Here, ÖBB-Infrastruktur has built two railway bridges as well as three tunnels. A total of nine road and railway bridges are being built in Mittlern, as well as the new Mittlern stop. At the same time, the Stein and Lind tunnels are also taking shape at either end of the Drau bridge.

Aerial photo of the renovated railway station Grafenstein.


Train passing the airport loop Graz-Weitendorf.


Indoor photo of the completed Hengsbergtunnel.


Sign of a tunnel excavator in the colours red, white and red.

Wettmannstätten–St. Andrä