Aramis real-time train monitoring

Aramis stands for “Advanced Railway Automation Management Information System”. The application provides train monitoring for RUs and infrastructure managers in real time.


Teaser image with a tunnel with rail track and text ARAMIS

Product information

Aramis offers access to real-time train data for all trains running on the ÖBB rail network using multi-client enabled information technology. This means that Aramis can provide services to multiple customers simultaneously without granting any customer access to other customers' data or user management. Visual processing of production data is therefore limited only to the train journeys ordered by the customer.

Two different service levels are available:

  • Web client
  • Premium client

All users need in order to use the functions of the ARAMIS web server are an up-to-date web browser and Java runtime environment.

How you benefit

  • Static data
    • External image query
    • External data query
  • Dynamic data
    • Route mirror
    • Time-distance-route graphs
    • Node graphic
    • Network overview
    • Data acquisition
    • Node table
    • Train index
    • Nominal/actual deviation
    • Breakdown information
    • Train journey profile


Railway undertakings and infrastructure managers licensed in Austria can apply for access to Aramis.

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