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Nothern Line Upgrade

Rapidly bringing Europe together – more connections, fewer borders. The upgrade of the Northern line in Vienna and Lower Austria is taking place under this motto.

The 66 kilometre-long section between Vienna Süßenbrunn and Berhardsthal in Lower Austria makes the Northern Line an important part of the Southern Line and therefore of the Baltic-Adriatic and of the Orient/East-Med Corridor.

The line comprises nine railway stations and ten stops, making it an important artery between the north of Lower Austria and the federal capital. The upgrade focuses above all on how you benefit as a railway customer.

On the long-distance network, the journey time from Vienna to the southern Moravian border town of Břeclav will be reduced to three quarters of an hour. After the upgrade, Prague will be reached in three hours and 45 minutes.

Your benefits due to the Upgrade of the Northern Line

    • Shorter journey times thanks to higher speeds
    • Enhanced levels of comfort
    • Greater safety from the removal of railway crossings
    • Accessible and customer-friendly railway stations and stops
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