Terminal Wels

ROLA and UCT operation at the junction of the A25, A1, A8 and A9.

Terminal Service Austria
Terminalstraße 100
4600 Wels

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Combi Cargo/ROLA Terminal Wels Vbf

NameWels Vbf CCT
Station code81 01968-7 (CCT), 81 01969-5 (ROLA)
Opening hours UCT

Mon–Fri (working day) 06:15–19:30 h
Sat (working day) 06:15–17:30 h
Opening hours ROLASun 17:45–Sat 22:15 h
OperatorÖBB-Infrastruktur AG, FN 71396 w, VAT UID ATU 16210507
Total area120,000 m²
Loading platforms6 x 580 m (UCT)
4 x 420 to 520 m (ROLA)
Maximum train length580 m
Truck parking bays (ROLA)45
Gantry cranes2 units / 45 t maximum load
Full container reachstacker4 units / 45 t maximum load
Empty container reachstacker
Transport modesRail – road
Road access optionB138, A25, B1, B137
Nearby motorwaysA25, A1, A8, A9
UTC main destinations
Hub function
Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, Slovenia
ROLA main destinations
Hub function
Main destinations
Gateway function
Additional services
(by agreement)
Transfer service, SOLAS weighing, agency for operators and RU, limited empty container depot, customs.
All other services upon request.

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Terminal Wels

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Terminal Wels