visualisation of the new power plant Obervellach II

Power plant Obervellach II

The power plants at Lassach and Obervellach have been supplying energy to power the railways since the beginning of the last century. The facilities are now at the end of their technical service life. Plans are in place to renew the existing power plant group in the coming years.

Increased production

The project Obervellach II will replace the existing facilities at the locations in Obervellach and Mallnitz. The aim is to optimise the production of traction current: The planned systems will increase production by more than 30 percent.

Facts & Figures

    • Output 37 Megawatt (MW)
    • Annual energy generation 125 Gigawatt hours (GWh)
    • Extracted water quantity 9 m3/s
    • Gross fall height 488 m
    • Storage volume 60,000 m3
    • Volume of balancing pond 60,000 m3
    • Start of construction 2020

Improving the ecological situation

Planning and constructing the new hydroelectric power plant Obervellach II offers many advantages for the environment. Despite the increase in the self-generation of traction current, the overall ecological situation will also be improved vastly. Minimum flow rates are achieved in line with state-of-the-art technology. The lives of residents in the vicinity of existing power plants will be significantly improved by relocating the power plant to the existing industrial site thus reducing operational noise and vibrations. A legally valid UVP notification has been available since February 2016.

Renaturation at river Möll

Information and coordination

The implementation of the new power plant Obervellach II is closely coordinated with neighbouring residents and municipal governments. During the construction phase general project information as well as current project status are shown at the infobox in Obervellach, which is accessible to the public.