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View of the track between Linz and Selzthal, which is sectionwise double-tracked

Upgrade Linz–Selzthal

The fast and safe way from Upper Austria to Styria on the Pyhrn Line: The upgrade of the line to two tracks in various sections between Linz and Selzthal makes this possible. And many railway stations and stops are being given a whole new look.

Faster connections, more trains and an improved infrastructure: All thanks to the upgrade of the Pyhrn Line between Linz and Selzthal. ÖBB-Infrastruktur has been upgrading the line to two tracks in stages since 1993 as well as modernising railway stations and stops.

As a passenger, you can therefore enjoy shorter journey times and barrier-free access to the platforms. Freight services also benefit: The Pyhrn Line is part of the Pyhrn-Schober Corridor. This important international north-south Corridor connects Germany and the Czech Republic with Austria and Slovenia.

Your benefits from the Upgrade of Linz–Selzthal

    • Shorter journey times
    • Better connections in Upper Austria and Styria
    • More capacity for passenger and cargo services
    • Accessible and customer-friendly railway stations and stops
    • Greater safety from the removal of railway crossings

Ongoing improvements

Since the 1990s, more than half of the almost 100 kilometre-long line has been upgraded to two tracks. This allows it to handle regional and supra-regional transit traffic. Seven modernised and accessible railway stations and stops have entered into operation so far.

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