The Southern Line

ÖBB-Infrastruktur is currently working on more than 100 large and small projects along the Southern line, which forms part of the Baltic-Adriatic corridor. 200 kilometres of railway line are being modernised, and 170 kilometres of new track are being laid. 80 km of new tunnels and 150 new bridges are being built. Over 5,000 people are working on the scheme.

View of the draubridge.

Travelling and conveying of the future

From the end of 2027, trains will speed from Vienna to Klagenfurt in 2 hours 40 minutes, and from Graz to Klagenfurt in 45 minutes. Over a total distance of 470 km, they will pass through many new railway stations and cross two mountains - Semmering and Koralpe - at high speeds.

The biggest projects along the Southern line are: the Northern line upgrade, the Vienna–Bratislava upgrade, the new Vienna Main Station, the Vienna South Freight Centre, the upgrade of the Pottendorfer line, the construction of the Semmering Base Tunnel, eight modernised railway stations on the route from Bruck to Graz, the modernised Graz Main Station and the new 130 kilometre-long Koralm railway. Together, they put in place the prerequisites for passenger and freight services of the future.

Inside the tunnel.

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Miners inside the tunnel.

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Graph of the northern route.

Northern Line Upgrade
in planning

Visualisation of the station Wien Aspern Nord on the railway track between Vienna and Marchegg

Vienna–Bratislava Upgrade
under construction

Blick auf das Rautendach

Vienna Central Station

Blick auf das 2016 in Betrieb genommene Wien Süd Terminal.

Vienna South Freight Centre

Einschieben der Mödlingbachbrücke bei Achau.

Pottendorfer Line
under construction

Forecourt railway station Ternitz

Ternitz Railway Station
under construction

Blick auf das Semmering Portal bei Gloggnitz.

Semmering Base Tunnel
under construction

Die Semmering Gebirgsbahn führt über historische Viadukte.

Existing Semmering Line
under construction


Bruck/Mur–Graz Upgrade
under construction

The wave-shaped roof is the symbol of the new mobility hub in the south of Austria.

Graz Main Station

Visualisierung eines Railjets, der aus dem Koralmtunnel fährt.

Koralm Railway
under construction