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Reconstruction Terminal Wels

Increased efficiency, flexibility and performance. The Wels terminal is all of these things after its expansion. This means that even more goods can be transported by environmentally friendly rail. And that is good for our climate.

The Wels terminal was built in the early 1990s. Now it is time to renew and expand the intermodal transhipment centre.

Modern hub in the heart of Austria

The Wels terminal is one of the largest and most important terminal locations of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG. It is very favourably located in terms of transport geography at the intersection of the axes between the North Sea ports and South-Eastern Europe as well as France and Eastern Europe. In addition, the hub terminal is located in a very strong industrial region with high growth potential and has a direct motorway connection. These are the best prerequisites for handling high volumes.

Expansion for higher performance

The start of the expansion is planned for the beginning of 2024. The core of the modernisation is the extension of the loading tracks and the crane runway as well as the east-side connection to the west line. This will enable higher handling volumes to be achieved in less time and with less effort.

Your benefits

    • Attractive handling and services for all rail transport companies/operators
    • Access for longer block trains (loading length 700 metres)
    • Simplified operational procedures thanks to through-traffic facility
    • High efficiency in the entire handling process
    • Low shunting costs
    • Optimised use of space and traffic routing
    • Higher storage and handling capacity
    • Flexible, multifunctional utilisation options
    • High security in terminal operation (digitalisation)
    • Top connections to international economic areas
    • Good for the climate: less CO², less energy consumption, less noise
    • Automated entry and exit gates for truck traffic
Co-funded by the European Union

Modernisation for higher performance

The expansion of the Wels terminal will start at the beginning of 2024. By the end of 2026, the loading tracks will be extended to 700 metres, two new gantry cranes will be installed and the terminal will be converted to be passable. This will enable us to achieve higher throughput in less time and with less effort. This will keep the freight hub fit for the increasing demands of the future.

September 2023

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    #ÖBBbauenauf Reconstruction Terminal Wels
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    The Terminals Wels was built in the early 1990s. Now it is time to renovate and expand the intermodal transhipment terminal. An upgrade to be able to handle cargo handling even better in the future. The core of the modernisation is
    the extension of the four tracks of the crane runway and the east-side connection to the west line. This will create a so-called drive-through terminal.

    Text insert:
    Wels terminal extension
    - Construction of the new administration building in timber construction
    - Redesign of the Terminalstraße / A25 junction
    - Deconstruction of the customs building
    - Deconstruction of the administration building
    - Deconstruction of In-Gate
    - Simplified handling processes for customers and TSA through partially automated gates
    - East-side connection of the loading tracks to the west line - creating a drive-through terminal
    - PV system with 250 kW power
    - Extension of the loading tracks 172 - 178 to a craneable length of 700m for handling block trains
    - Capacity increase through 2 new loading cranes
    - Trailer parking area
    - stacker area and 3 reach stackers
    Project implementation from 2024 to 2027 while maintaining terminal operations
    - New gate area: less CO2, less energy consumption, less noise, automated entry and exit gates for trucks, multi-functional use incl. rolling road (ROLA)