Klagenfurt Main Station marks the start of the new Koralm Railway on the Carinthian side. The 14 kilometre-long section from the stop at Althofen/Drau was completed at the end of May 2016.

Aerial photo of the renovated railway station Grafenstein.

The municipalities surrounding Klagenfurt are particularly benefiting from the new connection: The upgrade is already enabling the extension of the rapid transit to Kühnsdorf.

Facelift for railway station buildings

In addition to the construction of the new tracks, the buildings along the route are being modernised. The heritage listed railway station at Grafenstein and the stop at Klagenfurt-Ebenthal have been given a fresh coat of paint and are now also wheelchair accessible. A second track at Klagenfurt's freight station made it possible to tie the Koralm Railway into the main railway station of the provincial capital. In addition, four railway bridges and a cycle path bridge have been built.