Two trains on the tracks

Upgrade Marchtrenk–Wels

Four tracks can do more than two. The Western Line is being expanded from two to four tracks in stages. Only in this way will increasing numbers of passengers and goods arrive punctually, quickly and safely at their destination in the future. The upgrade will eliminate the current two-track bottleneck between Linz and Wels.

Clear run

The Western Line between Vienna and Linz Kleinmünchen has already been upgraded to four tracks throughout. This impresses thanks to considerably shorter journey times, modern stops and a high level of comfort when travelling. The next step required involves upgrading the tracks between Linz and Wels. Because this section still only has two tracks, which restricts capacity. The four-track upgrade between Marchtrenk and Wels will create a clear run by helping to remove the bottleneck.

Your benefits

    • More room for passenger and freight train
    • Better selection of regional and express train services
    • Modern, accessible railway stations
    • Stimuli for the regional economy
Co-financed by the European Union Connecting Europe Facility