Ordering printed timetables

Ordering printed timetables in the online ordering system M-AMA.

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Product information

Recently integrated in the M-AMA order system. BuBi serves as a support tool for ordering printed timetables.

Printed timetables are timetables in list format for one or several routes for the current timetable year.

DA 30.04.23 (DB 639 service instructions) can be downloaded from the Regulations online shop. Separate registration is required.

There is a dedicated display for users of the BuBi module within the M-AMA ordering system. The new display provides an overview of the orders placed. Users can query the status of their orders and export transacted orders as files. Four different products are available: printed timetables, timetable booklets for local journeys, change books and model timetables. The migration does not involve any changes for the user.

How you benefit

    • Standardised software solution
    • Optimised user interface
    • Standardised order process to replace other communication channels (fax, email, phone)
    • Optional display and filtering options
    • More efficient collaboration


Access to M-AMA (BuBi) and password allocation, is provided as a matter of principle to licensed RUs (or RUs undergoing the licensing process), as well as other specially authorised applicants (e.g. authorities). Access may also be granted, in exceptional circumstances, to freight forwarders, hauliers, loaders, research institutes and municipalities where there is a legal interest in doing so.

Access (authorization check) is managed via the One Stop Shop (OSS).

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