Forecourt railway station Ternitz

Ternitz Railway Station

Bright, friendly and barrier-free. This is how you will experience Ternitz Railway Station from autumn 2022.

Comfortable transport hub

Reaching the modern commuter train without having to climb one step! Where up to now there were tens of steps on the way to the train, lifts facilitate access to the platforms. The platforms are equipped with seats, glass shelters and state-of-the-art customer information systems. A spacious forecourt and an invitingly designed access area with lots of wood welcomes passengers.

Your benefits

    • Comfortable access to the train - with lifts and platform height at the entry level of modern local trains
    • Weather-protected waiting in glass shelters
    • Modern and fast customer information in real time
    • Increasing the feeling of security at the station through brighter illumination of the area and video surveillance