View of customers taking a train at a train station.

Upgrade Linz–Marchtrenk

Clear run on the Western Line: this vision is being fulfilled by the four-track Linz–Marchtrenk upgrade. Four tracks will remove the bottleneck between Linz and Wels. And offer better train services in central Upper Austria.

More capacity

The number of passenger and freight trains is rising. The capacity needed for this is being created by the upgrade to four tracks from Linz towards Wels. As a passenger, you’ll experience significant benefits: a denser rapid transit system in the Linz-Wels region, an integrated timetable and a better overall selection of regional and express train services. You’ll also benefit from new, modern and accessible stops with Park&Ride facilities.

The number of rail-based freight services can also increase. A real alternative to the increasing volume of lorries and cars, traffic jams and hunting for somewhere to park – the four-track Linz-Wels upgrade will make this possible. By the way, did you know that for each tonne of freight transported by an average lorry, about 21 times more CO2emissions are generated than transporting the same amount of freight by train?

Your benefits

    • More room for passenger and freight trains
    • Better selection of regional and express train services
    • Greater convenience thanks to modern, accessible stops
    • Stimuli for the regional economy
Co-financed by the European Union Connecting Europe Facility