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Ten times round the Earth every day

250 million passengers and 100 million tons of freight travelled on our 5,000 kilometre long network in 2016. 42 railway undertakings have covered a total of 146 million train kilometres on it. That equals 3,600 circuits of the Earth in the year.

We plan and construct infrastructure

ÖBB-Infrastruktur invests more than two billion Euros per year in railway projects. Some of the highlights are:

  • Expansion of the southern route (Pottendorfer line, Semmering base tunnel, Koralm railway)
  • Four-track expansion of the western route
  • Continuation of the station offensive
  • Local traffic schemes in conurbations
  • Noise pollution measures
  • Construction of Park&Ride facilities
  • Automation of signalling and control and customer information
  • Comprehensive re-investment

We own and operate infrastructure

  • 4,826 route networks (operational length)
  • 13,677 switches, including 10,361 heated
  • 24,786 signals
  • 5 operational control centres
  • 1,069 stations and halts
  • 6,344 bridges
  • 246 tunnels
  • 3,278 level crossings
  • 10 hydro-electric power stations
  • 8 freight centres and terminals
  • 4,496 buildings
    (Figures 12/31/2016)

Our services

  • We provide railway-specific planning and construction services.
  • We provide rails, railway stations and facilities.
  • We market train routes and plan cost-effective route utilisation.
  • Every day we manage signalling and control for 6,300 trains.
  • We ensure the good functioning and safe operation of the railway infrastructure.
  • We produce traction current from hydro-electric power.
  • We are committed to safety, cleanliness and customer information in our railway stations.
  • We offer sound apprenticeships and in-service training.