View of the new barrier-free platforms in Schärding.

Upgrade Wels–Passau

Work to upgrade the approximately 80 kilometre-long section of railway line between Wels and Passau into a high-speed route commenced in 2005. At the same time, various railway stations along the route were remodelled.

Many improvements

The upgrade of railway stations and stops to the latest technical standards is delivering considerable improvements for rail users, such as wheelchair-accessible boarding and alighting, covered platform access points and glazed waiting rooms with seating. Effective sound protection measures are decisively improving the quality of life of people who live along the line, while safety is also being improved by the removal of all crossing points and other initiatives.

The upgrade of the Wels-Passau line is complete apart from the railway station at Wernstein (the main construction work is expected to commence here in early 2018). Eight railway stations and the stops in between have been modernised. All railway stations apart from Wernstein have been integrated into the remote control concept. Line improvements on individual sections of the route enable higher speeds.

Your benefits

    • Higher speeds through line improvements
    • More quality of life through enhanced sound protection
    • Modern railway stations along the route