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Construction site eastside Linz Main Station with big maschines

Linz Main Station Eastside

The east side of Linz Main Station will be upgraded by 2018 in order to integrate it into the four-tracked Western Line. That will deliver more capacity for passenger and cargo services.

More trains, shorter frequencies and better connections: That’s what the upgrade of the Western Line to four tracks will bring about. To this end, new tracks are being built on the east side of Linz Railway Station in Upper Austria. The conversion of the eastern entrance to Linz Main Station will lay another component for a continuous four-tracked Western Line. As a passenger, you’ll travel in even greater comfort in the future. Rail operations will also become more efficient.

Building while trains continue to run

The section on the east side of Linz Main Station curves around in an arc to the marshalling yard. Track work is taking place in this area on a grand scale: ÖBB-Infrastruktur will lay ten tracks here by 2018. And do so while operations continue with around 800 train and shunting movements per day.

Your benefits due to the upgrade of the east side of Linz Main Station

    • More capacity for passengers and freight
    • Infrastructure in tune with the times
    • Another step towards a continuous four-tracked Western Line
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