View of the modernised station Attnang-Puchheim.

Attnang-Puchheim Railway Station

Modern, accessible, customer-focused transport hub in Upper Austria.

Transport hub in the Salzkammergut

Attnang-Puchheim Railway Station has been an important transport hub in the Salzkammergut since 1877. It lies on the Western Line and is thus part of the Rhine-Danube Corridor in the Trans-European railway network. Within a space of four years, the railway station was remodelled while operations continued in very cramped conditions. The station building was rebuilt and the access routes to the station redesigned. Escalators and lifts now carry passengers from a light central pedestrian underpass to the three covered platforms. Comfortable boarding and disembarking of the trains is made possible by the platforms, which were raised during the alterations.


The redesign of the railway station also went hand in hand with the construction of a barrier-free, sheltered bus terminal on the station forecourt. There is now direct access to the station building from the highway. The forecourt is equipped with parking spaces for drivers with disabilities, short-stay parking spaces and taxi bays. This means comfortable transfers between train, bus, car and bicycle for around 8,000 passengers every day.

The climate-friendly railway station

During the planning phase of the station, attention was paid to adopting measures of an especially high degree of environmental compatibility and climate-friendliness. The construction of a geothermal plant makes the new railway station a pioneering, energy-efficient project in Austria. In future, half of the heating requirements and the total cooling requirements of Attnang-Puchheim Railway Station will be covered by heat from the Earth’s interior.