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We operate a 5,000-kilometre rail network with 1,100 stations. We offer railway undertakings (RUs) open access to the ÖBB network and provide tracks, stations and facilities. We sell train paths, schedule optimised route utilisation, manage operations and offer a comprehensive, round-the-clock service.

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Single-source services

  • Rail network access
  • Timetables and train paths
  • One Stop Shop and personalised customer service
  • Usage-based payment system
  • Traffic and rail operations management
  • Special transport services
  • Display screens and speakers to provide information to customers
  • Safety, cleanliness and service

Facts & figures

  • A 5,000-kilometre rail network
  • 1,100 stations
  • 100 shunting stations
  • More than 50 RUs on the network
  • 6,600 trains a day
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Train paths

A infrastructure capacity – similar to a “slot” in the aviation industry – is an authorisation for travel on a particular section of the rail network for defined periods of time and with a specific train (length, weight, profile, speed). The RU simply submits its order for international freight and passenger transport paths online. Stops at our stations can also be booked for passenger services when ordering train paths.

Network Statement (SNNB)

Switching station

Shunting, train preparation, facilities

We also offer a range of services in marshalling yards and other selected locations. Our core services include train formation and disassembly, as well as wagon delivery and collection and train preparation. We can provide loading and stabling tracks for customers that wish to load wagons. We also offer preheating facilities, external cleaning systems and supply and disposal systems, as well as motorail facilities. Weighing systems and petroleum and liquid gas handling facilities complete our range of services.

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Transparent payment system

Costs for use of train paths and other services such as station stops, shunting, use of facilities and personnel services are transparent and can be calculated in advance, thus providing an accurate overview of costs.


One Stop Shop: We’re here for you

Traffic planning, ordering, help obtaining operating licences, international linkage. We’re here to help and to provide prompt, reliable support.

Contact our One Stop Shop (OSS)

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