Various trains on track

Framework agreements for allocation of rail infrastructure capacity

Rail infrastructure capacity can be allocated to authorised parties for periods longer than the working timetable period by means of a framework agreement.

Ordering capacity by means of a framework agreement

Train paths are allocated for the relevant working timetable period on the basis of the applicable Network Statement published on the Internet by means of a separate Train Path Agreement. A valid Infrastructure capacity agreement is a prerequisite.

Frameworks in accordance with Paragraph 64 of the Austrian Railway Act (referred to hereafter as “framework agreement”) are offered for the following routes:

  • Wien Westbf. (Ws)/Wien Hbf. (Wbf) – Salzburg Hbf. (Sb)
  • Wien Hbf. (Wbf) – Liesing (Lg) – Graz Hbf. (G)
  • Wien Hbf. (Wbf) – Liesing (Lg) – Villach Hbf. (Vb)