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Getting people excited

On our way to becoming one of the most modern railway systems in Europe, we have set our aims high: We want to transport even more people and even more freight by rail. For that very reason, we want the mobility requirements of our customers to be the focus of our work, day in, day out.

Our strategy at a glance

People at the railway station, trains in the background

With a multitude of initiatives in six strategic directions, we are creating a customer-friendly, efficient, sustainable and successful railway infrastructure for Austria.

Our six strategic directions are:

  • Customer Focus Leader
  • Top Employer
  • Competitive Services
  • Infrastructure System Integrator
  • Railway Innovation Leader
  • Responsibility Leader

Customer Focus Leader

  • We are driving the development of our railway stations to mobility hubs providing seamless interfaces to other forms of transport
  • Continuing to increase punctuality: optimised processes and reliable information in the event of disruptions
  • Digital infrastructure for our customers: convenient and connected travelling
Woman at the train platform holding a mobile phone.
Group picture of employees

Top Employer

  • Excellent working environment: cutting-edge working environment
  • Excellent training opportunities: the largest provider of traineeships in Austria
  • Diversity management: success through active diversity

Competitive Services

  • Leveraging digitalisation: even more efficient with modern IT
  • Continuing to decrease costs: increase competitiveness
  • Efficient real estate management: to support company success in the long run
Employee in the work place
Drau bridge

Infrastructure System Integrator

  • Integrated schedule, shorter travel times, excellent connections
  • More freight traffic on the rails: even more attractive with modern terminals and services
  • Focus on the Southern Line: significant reductions in travel time between Vienna–Graz–Klagenfurt

Railway Innovation Leader

  • Co-creating the future of rail transport: a strong partner in European research and development
  • Further developing social aspects of train travel: for even more and even better services
  • Making rail operation even more efficient: getting the green wave on the tracks
Drone with camera
View of a water reservoir

Responsibility Leader

  • Rail transport is key in achieving the European climate and emission reduction goals: making rail transport even more environmentally friendly
  • Continuing to increase the safety level so that rail remains the safest mode of transport
  • Reducing noise for a better quality of life: our investments for a quieter rail system