The railway isn't a playground

Unfortunately, last year people were again involved in accidents along the track system due to ignorance and recklessness, some tragically were fatal. It's particularly common for teenagers to put their lives in danger by being imprudent and with the wrong dares. ÖBB-Infrastruktur is therefore focusing more on education on different levels.

Pictures of four teenagers

Be safe!

Here you will find all the information and material for our safety campaign.

The four key safety messages

  • Crossing tracks is dangerous to life!
  • Stations aren't a playground! Stay behind the safety line at the station!
  • Traction current is high voltage – even being near it puts your life in danger! Therefore never climb parked wagons or trains!
  • At railway crossings, watch for the red light and/or approaching trains!

Any questions?

Teenager running up a wall

Crossing tracks

Crossing the tracks is dangerous to life and therefore prohibited!

Girl with headphones

Safe at the platform

Be careful at the platform and heed the safety line!

Teenager turning on a climbing frame

Attention – High voltage

If you get too close to 15,000 Volt you're putting your life in danger!

Teenager jumping up with a bicycle

Caution – Railway crossing

Safety first!