Pictures of four teenagers

Education and Campaigns

The railway is one of the safest means of transport in Austria. Each day an average of 4,300 passenger trains safely transport more than 650,000 passengers to their destination. But even the safest form of transport requires attention. And rules must be followed. We create awareness for railway safety and safe behaviour on many levels.

Pictures of four teenagers

Be safe

It's particularly common for teenagers to put their lives in danger by being imprudent and with the wrong dares. Here you will find good tips and cool videos to keep you safe.

Students listening to a speech

Awareness training in Austria's schools

All seventh and eighth session Austrian schools can learn about the dangers of the railway system through direct dialogue. ÖBB safety experts will be happy to schedule a visit to your school.

Railway crosssing with gate

What to do at railway crossings

The ÖBB-Infrastruktur network has over 3,000 railway crossings. In addition to investing in under- or overpasses and barrier systems we are focusing more on education and on your attention.